The right team builds the success of any construction company.

That means finding and hiring experienced, skilled team members who share your vision, from managers and craft workers to office and support staff. The competition to hire the best talent is fiercer than ever, especially as the appeal of construction jobs has diminished over the last few decades.

Contractors are faced with the fact that there are not enough craft workers, supervisors, managers, and staff. They are concerned that Millennials and Gen Z may not find the industry appealing and lose out on potential workers. In fact, a recent poll of high school students revealed that construction work ranked 247 out of 250 options. All that means is construction owners need to work hard to develop the best recruitment program possible to attract the skilled workers they need. Here are six tips to build and retain talent for your construction business:

1. Create a company culture that makes talent come to you.

Company culture is a popular term in every industry right now. Basically, it’s the personality of a company. This includes the work environment, company mission, vision, values, and goals.

These qualities are used to build a brand and attract customers, but they also come into play when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. The same principles can be applied to a construction company. It’s all about building a culture that attracts the best and keeps them invested once they’re part of the team.

Of course, you can’t forget things like pay, benefits, and opportunities for rewards and advancement.

2. Never stop recruiting.

A successful recruitment strategy should not simply ramp up the moment you’re looking to hire for a specific role. You should always be looking to attract the best employees. “The recruiting process can be active or passive; companies can reach out to candidates or sit back and let them come. Push activity, or active recruiting, reach out to the target prospects. This includes using recruiters, mailers, targeted high school and college career fairs, and referral follow-up,” according to

3.  Be active on social media.

It’s a good idea to build a social media presence on the major platforms. This is especially important if you want to attract younger workers who rely heavily on digital media for their information. Social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, allow you to engage with followers, build a community, display your expertise, and demonstrate your company’s culture, vision, and values. You should also be active on LinkedIn, which is one of the top social media sites for professionals.

4.  Start an employee referral program.

Current employees are often your best bet for finding new team members. Not only do they know your company better than anyone else, but they are also likely to know other qualified people in the industry who may be looking for a new job or who are simply unhappy in their current one. Offer a monetary or some other type of reward for employees who refer someone who you end up hiring. This encourages team members to actively recruit for you.

5.  Be willing to train.

It’s rare to find a candidate who checks off all the boxes on your wish list; however, there may be those who come close. You may find a candidate who has the personality or work ethic you’re looking for, but they lack specific skills you need. It might be worth your time and effort to train them. You’ll gain a loyal employee and can train them the way you want them to work.

6.  Remember, retaining team members start the moment you hire them.

It’s not enough to hire the best talent. You must also be able to keep them. Training of staff and managers is something many companies overlook. Failing to train employees properly can quickly lead to dissatisfaction and lead people to seek other opportunities. Even worse, this can negatively affect future recruiting efforts. It’s also important to maintain good communication with your team and show that you value their work.

Building your construction team is essential if you want to grow a successful business. Follow these six tips to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. No Boundaries Advisors has been helping businesses like yours grow and thrive for over 25 years. Contact us today to find out how our expert staff can help you meet your financial goals as you seek to grow.

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