Did you meet your goals for 2018? How much growth did your home building business see? If you feel you missed out on any of the great information we shared through the year, we’ve got good news for you! Here is our archive of the blogs we posted in 2018 for your reference. Take some time, brush up on the knowledge we shared, and look forward to more growth and business success in the coming year!

Tax Knowhow

6 Tax Deductions Home Builders Should Know About

Start Thinking About 2018 Business Taxes Now

Accounting in the Cloud: A Look at the Best Cloud Accounting Software for Businesses

2018 Tax Breaks Business Owners Need to Know

Preparation is Key: How to Prepare Your Business For Tax Season

The Paper Trail: Everything You Need to Gather For Your Taxes

Accounting Technology Trends You Should Know About

What the New Tax Law Means for the Housing Industry

Tax Compliance 2018: What All Business Owners Need to Know

New Tax Bill Offers Significant Savings to Businesses

7 Reasons Why Cloud Accounting Software Could Be Right for Your Business

Your financial future

Solutions for Those Overtime Budgeting Blues

4 Tips to Ensure You Get Paid on Time

Market Trends in Home Building: Financial Planning for a Soft Market

How Strong Is Your Foundation?

7 Tips to Elevate Your Construction Company to The Next Step – and Beyond

4 Questions to Ask Your Business Financial Consultant

From Going Green to Embracing New Tech – The Next Steps to Reduce Your Overheads

Building from the Ground Up

Growing a Successful Business Means Building Strong Bridges

11 Reasons Your Business Needs a Full-Service CPA

Three Reasons Why Your Long-Term Business Plan Can’t Wait

Do You Have a Business Plan for 2018?

What You Should Expect Year-Round from a Financial Advisor

The Importance of Competitive Analysis

Do I Really Need a Financial Consultant for My Business?

Is it Time to Hire an Accountant

Staying ahead in your industry

Homebuilders Are Getting Creative in the Face of Labor Shortages

Artificial Intelligence: Are You Ready for a Robotic Construction Crew?

Is Smart Home Technology Worth Incorporating into Your Next Build?

Plug-In to the Future: Electric Construction Equipment Is Worth the Investment

3 Things All Home Builders Need to Know About Solar

What Consumers Look for When Choosing a Builder

Why You Should Have a Professional Review Your Construction Contract

6 Ways to Prevent Construction Fraud

Is Hiring for Cultural Fit the Right Answer in Job Recruitment?

Emerging Housing Trends Shaping 2018 and Beyond

Six Tips for Hiring and Retaining the Right People for Your Construction Business

Your Future Home? Nothing Like Where You Live Now!

5 Eco-Friendly Construction Trends You Can Expect to See in the Near Future

How Technology is Transforming the Construction Industry

Room to Grow: The Multigenerational Family Phenomenon

Aging in Place: How Home Builders Can Accommodate the Elderly

Changing Values: What’s Causing the Decline in Home Ownership

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