Level up your construction business using these tactics

Chances are, it happens every time you see a competitor’s job site – the anxious twist inspired by a client that could have been yours. If you want your business to grow, understanding why it’s not your crew on that site is crucial. Of course, that’s a big question to answer. Nevertheless, without introspection, growth is merely a dream.

Seven things your growth plan should include

Let’s start this out with one basic assumption – you do quality work. When supported by a sturdy foundation of excellent service, these seven tips will help pave your road to success.

  1. Develop your brand. Companies represented as a brand online tend to achieve higher credibility with search engines and consumers. Logos and other artwork, such as vehicle wraps, banner ads, business cards, and signage all reflect the professionalism of your business. Bring your look up-to-date, then, get it out there. Consider sponsoring a charity event, billboards, even ad campaigns. Recognition can help make you your market’s first – and only – call.
  2. Love your crew. If you love your crew, they’re more likely to love you back – that doesn’t mean getting all mushy on them. Rewarding and promoting your best hands not only improve morale, but it also generates loyalty and dedication. Furthermore, only hire and maintain dependable personnel, with a special knack for their vocation – in other words, hire the type of people you want to work with and represent your brand.
  3. Invest. Invest in social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), online directories, specialized tools, and advertisements. Spend, but spend wisely. Marketing research is another fruitful investment – the more you know about your potential clients, the better you’ll be able to apply your promotional investments.
  4. Don’t let your dreams outpace your reality. Aim high but keep your feet on the ground. If you’re taking on more work than your crew can handle, or jobs that aren’t profitable, you risk damaging your reputation and the functionality of your business.
  5. Advertise mindfully. Of course, you can do it all, but you want to hit the bullseye, not the entire dartboard. Advertising your services one service at a time will allow you to display each talent as its own specialty. It also makes you more visible. Someone looking to remodel their kitchen is more likely to focus on an add about that, versus one boasting a jack-of-all-trades.
  6. Get yourself out there. Network with complementary businesses, attend trade shows, post informative videos, establish a blog – the point is to connect, establish trust, and, of course, build your brand.
  7. Be customer oriented. Your customer’s experience can influence how they feel about your company just as much as your work. The more they enjoy the total scope of your services, the more likely they are to refer you to their friends and neighbors.

Financing your growth plan

Many of these elements require a financial investment. Even if you have the money to spare, it’s never a bad idea to streamline your spending. Tax deductions are an excellent way to promote financial efficiency or help fund your next step. If you’re looking for a way to stir up a little cash for your investment, check out our blog, 2018 Tax Breaks Business Owners Need to Know”.

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