NB Advisors’ consultants cover the full spectrum of management and finance issues to maximize gains for
your business.

Advisory Services

We advise clients year-round — not just at tax time — with professional tax, bookkeeping, software system, performance analysis, and strategic planning services.

CFO Services

Our “part-time” CFO programs help companies implement financial innovations, grow more evenly, and eliminate risks, at a fraction of a full-time executive’s salary.

General Compliance Services

Technological advancements like cloud computing give accounting and finance departments a wealth of new efficiencies requiring new and stronger compliance processes.

Annual Business Valuations

Knowing your company’s worth is important, and our valuations of tangible and intangible assets are conducted carefully, with the use of finely-tuned techniques.

Bi-Annual Tax Planning

Minimizing your yearly tax burden requires diligence, so NB Advisors provides comprehensive reviews of your tax receipts and planning strategies every six months.

Managerial Accounting

We’ll set up your systems so management personnel always have accurate reporting for their high-level decisions pertaining to planning, budgeting, and performance.

Annual Finance Reviews

Taking stock of your performance over the previous year and strategic direction for the future is critical, and our corporate finance experts leave no stone unturned.

Strategic Planning Sessions

Our advisors will help you establish attainable goals and objectives, then design strategies and implement tactics for achieving them, in the short and long term.

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