Profitability Consulting

Whether you need help managing investments, negotiating a merger or acquisition, forming an exit strategy, or comparing your business’s value against the market, our financial analysts and CPAs can give you the information you need to make informed decisions. Our thorough financial analyses will pinpoint your operational inefficiencies and provide recommendations you can use to improve your bottom line. Our consultants will also prepare yearly financial reports to help you assess your financial standing and forecast business growth.

NB Advisors’s financial professionals will make sense of your company’s data, assess its financial health, forecast its growth, flag operational inefficiencies, and make strategic business decisions that improve your bottom line. We’ll even advise you on financial structure, and make sure your finances are all in order. If you require additional funding, we’ll negotiate and acquire them on your behalf for much cheaper than you can do on your own.

Our experts utilize the latest market research, appraisal techniques, and accounting tools to accurately calculate your company’s value and profitability potential.

Profitability Consulting from NB Adviosrs include:

    • Asset/Income/Market valuations
    • Financial reviews
    • Risk assessments
    • Break-even analyses
    • Process improvements
    • Budget planning
    • Cash flow forecasts
    • Balance sheet & income statement reviews
    • Bank reconciliation reports
    • General ledger & payroll reports

Our financial consultants adhere to International Financial Reporting Standards and the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles so you always get accurate results.

Let us help you boost your profits